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adaptive hoof protection
for horses

When horses walk on hard ground,
their hooves need to be protected
from unnatural abrasion and sharp
objects such as stones. Fewer and
fewer horses are shoed with horseshoes
made from iron. Existing alternatives
in the form of hoof shoes
support the natural hoof functions.
Plastic material promotes shock absorption,
allows blood circulation in
the leg and maintains the animal‘s
sense of touch. But existing products
impair the safety of humans and animals
due to the limited adjustment
options and complex handling. These
are caused by the horn growth
and the associated change in the
shape of the hooves. Through the interplay of flexible
material and the shape of the shell,
EQUIA adapts directly to the shape
of the hoof when it is attached. Reducing
the risk of the shoe coming
off the hoof and getting stuck on the
foot and thereby increasing the safety
of the rider and the horse.
The worn shoe sole and worn individual
parts can be replaced without
much effort. To shorten the preparation
time for a ride, the shoe can
be put on and taken off in just a few
simple steps.





Bachelor Thesis

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