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Chiara Zaugg Portfolio SCANFO scannable food information


scannable food information

Scanning and paying for groceries directly with your cell phone is nothing new. But how about receiving personalized warnings about allergies and reliable information of the environmental impact, origin and processing?

Unlike previous apps, the SCANFO app plugin uses blockchain technology to collect data along the entire supply chain. The decentralized accessible information enables immediate and precise access to the data on the food that you are holding in your hand. The purchasing process is optimized, sustainable shopping is simplified and promoted, and packaging no longer has to be searched for the desired information.




Zürich University

of the Arts

applied skills

market analysis
applying new technologies
creating the system behind the product
interaction design
graphic design

Data handling
SCANFO works as a service and app plugin provider for retail companies that want to give their customers detailed insight and simplified access to food information.
For this purpose, the information is collected from the entire food chain via blockchain technology. The advantage of this decentralized data collection is that information can be accessed immediately. A conventional EAN code is not sufficient enough to allocate this information to the associated food, as only unchangeable values can be stored on this. Therefore, a QR code is printed on the packaging in addition to the date.

Designed to provide information according to personal preferences
A personal shopping profile is created by entering allergies and food consumption preferences. When shopping, warnings about undesirable ingredients are displayed and food can be removed from the shopping list again or examined in detail for general information, health influences and environmental factors.

The graphic board provides an overview of the elements designed for the app. Harmonious colors and neutral fonts make the app elegant and unobtrusive.

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