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Chiara Zaugg Portfolio tilt lightweight camera mount tripod


lightweight camera mount

Tired of carrying around a heavy tripod? But being on the road without a tripod isn‘t an option either?

This camera mount uses the backpack as a base to align and stabilize your camera. It packs flat and is quick to set up. The camera is fixed using a standard tripod screw and can be tilted with one hand. The combination of a thin sheet of steel and an aluminum plate guarantees stability, durability and minimal weight.




Zürich University

of the Arts

applied skills

model and prototype construction
CMF (colour, material and finish)
knowledge of materials (metal properties)

No more improvised tripods!
“Whenever I didn‘t have a tripod with me but couldn‘t hold the camera by hand for a picture, I used my backpack as a base and rocks or a piece of clothing for alignment.”- Chiara

Tilt offers the perfect solution.

1   Packed flat, the camera mount takes up minimal space and is easy to store.

2  The upper plate is brought into position by a simple turning movement.

3  The camera mount is attached to the backpack. Tilting the top plate changes the angle, aligning the camera.

Sketches of various ideas helped make them understandable in discussions. 

Metals used according to their properties
All parts of the camera mount are made of metal, making the product particularly durable. The base plate, made of galvanized steel, offers stability without restricting the elasticity required for attachment. The aluminum mounting plate is lightweight despite its thickness.

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